We're (re)thinking the way design education is taught.

A New Approach

Modern images and projects, updated lessons, easy to use and understand; no textbook mumbo jumbo, it's all straightforward.

We're about big ideas.

The Digital Way is a series of books and curriculums that teach modern day CTE skills, such as Graphic Design or Videography. These books align to standards, such as the Adobe Certified Associate goals and pillars. All books are written by certified professionals in the specific software areas that have developed fun and unique lessons that not only teach and discuss software and design concepts, but allow students to be creative, while learning important concepts.

Get Started on the Right Foot.

Whether you're an expert or new to the game, The Digital Way provides YOU the resources to do what you do best: teach and educate the next generation of makers. And if you use just one lesson, or follow the curriculum and book word for word, The Digital Way is here to help you.

Our Values


Curriculum is sometimes hard to come by. Schools are squeezed thin. Getting a quality curriculum at a good price shouldn't be a compromise for teachers. We've got your back.


Our curriculum puts everyone on the same playing field. It lets those who may know little to nothing about software get ahead of the game with fun and innovative projects and resources.

For those who don't know where to start when planning out their design classes, this gives them a launching point to a successful and effective semester.


Gone are the boring days of reading a 20+ page tutorial to get the gist of what to do. Our lessons are usually 6-7 pages and focus more on the features and what they mean within the larger picture of the software itself, while providing additional follow-ups for students to get creative and show what they know through application.

Our Curriculum

Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation, 6th Edition


Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation with Adobe® Photoshop®, 5th Edition